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Dr. Michael C. Chapman, along with his family, have always wanted to live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. He also wanted to be closer to his brother, who resides in the Vancouver area.

As a former personal trainer, marathon finisher, and consistent pursuer of fitness himself, Dr. Chapman has a strong passion toward wellness for people of all ages. He believes that health is truly one of life's greatest gifts.

A native Texan, born in Lubbock, TX and raised in Houston, TX, Dr. Michael earned a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Medicine from Texas Tech University. The son of an army tank commander, he considered a military route, before he focused on a health-related career. Following 9/11, he did serve one year in the Texas State Guard, and highly esteems those who serve in military positions. Also, he believes service to others is the highest calling.

Though successful and content as a personal trainer, Dr. Chapman took drastic steps to pursue Chiropractic knowledge after seeing how adjustments significantly improved the life of his oldest son, who suffered with constant ear infections and migraines, and was recommended to have an ear surgery before the age of five. Once Dr. Chapman understood the amazing healing in Chiropractic care, he knew he found his life's purpose.

Dr. Michael earned a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Parker University in Dallas, TX. While serving a semester abroad in Mexico City at UNEVE Universidad, he was named Outstanding Intern, by the UNEVE and Parker University team of doctors. While attending Parker University, he served in leadership positions for the Upper Cervical Club. Also, he was a member of the Parker Bicycling Club. In addition to his studies at Parker University, he taught anatomy to a local massage school.

Following graduation from Parker, Dr. Michael worked two years at The Blair Chiropractic Clinic in Lubbock as a clinic resident primarily focused on cervical and ankle adjusting. Later, he worked with an upper cervical clinic and a personal injury clinic in San Angelo, Texas. While practicing in San Angelo Texas, he started the Concho Valley Chiropractic Association. Also, while practicing in Texas, Dr. Chapman served as a regional assistant director for the Texas Chiropractic Association. Before moving to Washington state, the Texas Chiropractic Association offered him a regional directorship position.


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